Tibor Doby was the President of HMAA in the period of 1985-86 after the tenure of Peter Schimert. He started his career in Internal Medicine on the faculty of the Pázmány Péter Medical University in Budapest, his Alma Mater where he was an Assistant Professor. His interest later shifted to the then expanding field of diagnostic radiology. He came from a family of artists and scientists who played a prominent role in the late 19th, early 20th Century intellectual life of Budapest. His father was Professor of Plant Biochemistry at the Pázmány Péter University of Sciences in Budapest. His paternal grandfather was the dominant graphic artist in the last decades of the past century and his portrayal of Semmelweis is to this day the standard image of this great figure of Hungarian medicine. His maternal grandfather was a prominent architect, who designed and built the Danube ramparts that form such an important part of the landscape of that beautiful city.

He and his wife, Anne left Hungary in 1956 and came to the US. His first place of work was at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center, the teaching hospital of the famed Yale Medical School. This was the position he left to become the Director of Radiology at the Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine where he lived the remainder of his life. His love of the arts and his deep interest in science were his main passions. He was very proud of his election to the membership of the New York Academy of Sciences. In his later years he became very interested in the ways renaissance artists explored the anatomy of the human body. He paid several visits to Italy to view the great paintings of early Italian artists and treated us with most interesting lectures on this subject.

In his later years he and his wife divided their time between their beloved house on a promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and their apartment on Sarasota Bay. Even after his tenure as President expired, he continued to work diligently on the affairs of the Association. He died in Portland, Maine on December 22, 1998. We shall miss them both very much.