Mission Statement of the Hungarian Medical Association of America

The Hungarian Medical Association of America (HMAA) was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1968 as a non-profit organization as a means to provide a forum for sharing the Hungarian-American medical heritage and scientific excellence dating back to Semmelweis and recently symbolized by Nobel laurate, Albert Szent-Györgyi, as well as many other Hungarian scholars. Some of them have served as our Association’s Honorary Presidents like Hans Selye, Eszter Kokas and William Ganz.

The primary mission of our Association is to promote the science of medicine through participative discussions and lectures among members whose professional traditions are rooted in Hungary. Members share and discuss scholarly and technical advances. The Association also brings Hungarian physicians and scientists into closer contact with friends in the American medical community and acts as a liaison between various American and Hungarian medical societies, foundations and universities. It has developed mutual relations with other Hungarian medical societies outside of Hungary, and places great emphasis on fostering the participation of Hungarian physicians living in Hungary in our activities.


The Board of Trustees