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Voting BOD members present: total votes 9 (plus Presidential tie-breaker)
G. Baffy, T. Krisztinicz, G. Acs, Z. Garami, I. Harangozo, T. Lajos, A. Khoor, L. Toth,
P. Leidl
Advisory Board President: I. Somkuti
K. Kismartoni, A. Matolcsy, I. Krisztinicz, P. Forbath
Alternates: J. Tanyi (voting), G. Marosan (voting), M. Justin (voting), A. Tarnoki, L.
Also present: I. Stadler, A. Stadler, I. Mechtler
Quorum was established. Dr. Baffy thanked members for their work and efforts. He noted
that the conference was a success. We had a significant increase in audience and the
quality of the presentations was excellent. He further noted that we should increase our
utilization of the website including registration, membership and organizing the program
and the various social activities. We also should start working on a successful scientific
program for next year.
Dr. Acs welcomed the newly elected BOD members. Dr. P. Leidl was re-elected to serve
on the BOD for a second term. Drs. A. Khoor and L. Toth were elected as BOD members
for their first term. Drs. Z. Gombos, M. Justin, J. Tanyi and G. Marosan were elected as
Alternate BOD members.
I. Spring BOD Meeting
The date and time of the spring BOD meeting was established to be Saturday, May 4,
2013 at 8 a.m.
III. Program Report
Dr. Stadler reported that we had a successful meeting. With regard to next year’s Annual
Meeting, Dr. Stadler announced that the dates of the next meeting are October 27-
November 1, 2013. The title of the Meeting will remain the same. He asked for
suggestions for topics for the meeting. Dr. Somkuti suggested that with the help of Dr.
Tanyi, he would organize a gynecology session. Dr. S. Mechtler added that he will work
on inviting the company making the Da Vinci robot to have a demonstration on theconference in conjunction with the gynecology session. Dr. Baffy suggested that we may
want to focus on topics that are mandatory CMEs for physicians. He further suggested
that together with Dr. Merkeli, he would organize a cardiology session, with the
possibility to invite Dr. Peter Ganz again. Drs. Justin and Stadler suggested a session on
primary care with emphasis on diabetology in a multidisciplinary setting. A session on
geriatrics and end of life care may also be planned. The BOD agreed that an annual
legal/financial update on healthcare from our accountant and lawyer would be
appropriate. The BOD noted that we may have to shorten the time of presentations
depending on the number of lectures on the next meeting.
A brief discussion was held about the keynote lecture on the meeting. Dr. Somkuti
suggested that guidelines for the keynote speakers should be put in place and the BOD
Dr. Stadler noted that there were some minor issues with the conflict of interest and
validity of content forms. Adam Kornafeld will work on correcting these problems.
However, the BOD agreed that the online submission is working very well. Dr. Somkuti
suggested that he will review the online abstract submission form and tweak it with
Adam Kornafeld to eliminate these problems.
VII. Old Business
1. Dr. Falus’ proposal. Although the BOD recognized the importance of Dr. Falus’ efforts
in improving the general health of the Hungarian public, we cannot provide financial
support for his endeavors. The BOD further agreed that at the present time we would not
provide a link to his organization on the HMAA website. The Board will re-evaluate this
possibility after their organization proves its viablitity. At the present time, we can offer
our moral support and the possibility to organize a scientific session together with them
on one of our future meetings.
2. Mr. Balogh’s proposal. Dr. Somkuti summarized Dr. Balogh’s proposal for the BOD.
He noted that himself, Drs. Peredy and Matolcsy met with Mr. Balogh and discussed his
proposal in detail. They have also discussed the negative press about Mr. Balogh
presented in the media in past years and they felt that he addressed these concerns to their
satisfaction. Dr. Balogh’s proposal has two parts: 1) He offered to provide financial
support to our existing student exchange program. There will be no changes to this
program, their organization will simply provide financial support for us to run it. 2) Mr.
Balogh asked for our help to help him select Hungarian residents, fellows and attending
physicians based on application submitted to their organization, who could participate in
training in pediatric oncology in the United States. Their organization will financially
support their training at various institutions in the US. Our role will be the selection of
the participants from the applicants and potentially help identify training institutions. Dr.
Somkuti noted that their organization already supports the training of fellows and they
have a working relationship with Dr. L. Mechtler and the Roswell Park Cancer Center in
Buffalo. Dr. Somkuti noted that Mr. Balogh’s proposal reflects the maturity andreputation of our society. He reported that the recommendation of the Committee (Drs.
Somkuti, Peredy and Matolcsy) is to go ahead with a one year trial with their
organization including the student exchange program and the collaboration with Dr. L.
Mechtler. Dr. T. Krisztinicz made a motion that the BOD accepts the committee’s
proposal for a one year trial. In the following discussion some BOD members expressed
concerns that we should be careful and not disrupt our relationship with the Hungarian
medical community. Overall the BOD felt that if we can participate in this collaboration
according to our rules, it will likely be beneficial for the society as well as the Hungarian
doctors trained. Dr. Krisztinicz’s motion was voted on and the BOD agreed that we
should move forward with a one year trial. The collaboration at this time will be based on
a letter of intent. We shall not have a formal corporate agreement at this time, nor shall
we include their organization on the HMAA website.
VII. New Business
Dr. Matolcsy noted that he has been approached with the question whether Dr. D.
Tarnoki can be appointed to the BOD as a Hungarian liaison in addition to Drs. Csathy
and A. Tarnoki. While the BOD acknowledged that the amount of activity in Hungary
has increased dramatically, following a discussion the BOD decided that the current
number of liaisons is sufficient and it would be better if Drs. A and D. Tarnoki alternate
on the BOD.
Dr. Baffy noted that we should establish a membership fee for Hungarian members so
that they can be chapter members according to the bylaws. Dr. Harangozo suggested that
the Hungary chapter should make a recommendation regarding the amount of the fee. Dr.
Somkuti requested that the Hungary chapter report should include information about their
finances and budget. Dr. Csathy will provide this for the spring BOD meeting.
Dr. I. Krisztinicz thanked Dr. Somkuti for his service as president and his excellent job in
representing our society during his tenure.
VIII. List of Items for Follow-Up
1. Guidelines for keynote speakers (Somkuti)
2. Online abstract submission form revision (Somkuti)
3. Membership and fee structure in Hungary (Csathy)
4. Revisit Mr. Balogh’s proposal and any developments (L. Mechtler)
Submitted by
Geza Acs, MD, PhD