Chesapeake Bay Chapter
Hungarian Medical Association of America 

Kinga Michelle Huzella, MD
Klara Mark, DBH

The Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the HMAA is a great way for medical professionals in the Chesapeake Bay area of Hungarian descent or those associated with or interested in Hungarian culture to get together in a fun, productive, and casual way. Our purpose is to exchange medical knowledge in any specialty, allowing networking and friendships to foster. 

We are a group of all ages, who welcome students, active professionals, and retirees. We want to encourage and elevate each other while engaging in exchange of scientific topics in a relaxed social setting.

We hope to encompass medical professionals and scientists from the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas. Meetings will be held in the DMV area.

Dr. Klara Mark and Dr. Kinga Huzella Co-Presidents.