Dear Colleagues,

      I began to write this letter with a bit of trepidation, for fear of a loss of words and news; however, during preparatory notations, the list of accomplishments for the HMAA grew and grew as did my degree of pride, not personal, because after all personal pride is not a virtue, but for the HMAA! Since our last conference, the pandemic has continued to rear its ugly head, with many organizations “battening down the hatches” and suspending much of their normal work. The members of the HMAA Board, especially the executive committee members have been hard at work preparing a vibrant program for our membership.

In particular, there is a website development ongoing that will engage all members with information. I apologize for the delay, but we are confident the website capabilities will be well worth the wait. Paid Members will have the capability to find colleagues by name, specialty, geographic location, even medical school attended! Also, we will have discussion forums with chronologic entries which enable anyone to share opinion or simply keep up to date, interacting with the group more than simply once a year. (Anyone remember the patient chart, progress note section?!) In August, 6 Board Members and 4 Presidents of our society were privileged to present lectures at the Magyar Orvos-Egeszsegugyi Vilagtalalkozo, Hungarian Physician World Meeting held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Hungarian physicians were also present from Singapore to Johannesburg! Not to be outdone, many then attended the 15th Balatonfured Conference exceptionally planned and carried out by the Hungary Chapter of the HMAA, under the direction of Drs. Akos Koller, Adam Tarnoki and David Tarnoki.

I encourage all members to participate at some point in their career to share your own experiences and teach, as is our responsibility. Appreciate not only the lectures, but the other concomitant programs such as small group poster presentations, discussions with attending physicians and simply interacting and sharing the “wisdom” these young students are hungry for. Although this year’s Sarasota scientific program might have fewer attendees due to travel bans, the Scientific Committee Chair, Dr. Stadler, has prepared a robust program. We look forward to having some extended lectures by a few colleagues and in particular to having more time for erudite and exchange of idea discussions, sharing clinical cases similar to the apparent rarer grand rounds or tumor board styles. We cannot imagine how Dr. Kinga Huzella and the social committee are preparing programs, for an uncertain number of attendees! We even plan to be able to provide live video streaming of the conference to those who cannot attend in person.

Please share your appreciation with members of the Board for their tireless work. Without naming other individuals, I must extend congratulations to our tireless Secretary, Dr Geza Acs, who keeps the machine running. Welcome to our Conference, thank you for your continued support and wishing everyone good health and Jo Munkat!

Ivan Harangozo