Ladies and Gentlemen, My Friends in our HMAA family,


It is a great privilege and honor to address the esteemed members of the Hungarian Medical Association of America today. As we gather here, we celebrate our 54th Annual Meeting. Our dual commitment to healing and innovation reflects a powerful synergy. We carry forward a tradition of scientific excellence and compassion but are ready to face the challenges of healthcare in the United States. In this age of unprecedented medical breakthroughs and global challenges, our role as medical professionals remains vital. Together, we can continue to bridge the gap between two worlds, preserving the essence of Hungarian medical heritage while adapting to the evolving landscape of American healthcare.

I can assure you that the Hungarian Medical Association of America remains a beacon of excellence and a major source of collaboration with our partner universities. Our mission is unchanged, the mission of the Hungarian Medical Association of America is to connect Hungarian healthcare professionals in the United States, promote medical and healthcare advancements, and foster cultural and professional exchange. I am excited to work with all of you in the pursuit of our shared goals and to foster a brighter future for both our professions and the communities we serve.

Please visit our rejuvenated website. Its functionality is updated frequently, and you can find more information about the Hungarian Medical Association of America, including how to join our membership and how to contact your fellow members. Please invite your friends and colleagues to join our Association. We want to grow and continue to provide educational and career development opportunities for our members. This can include chapter meetings, webinars, and mentoring programs. Our Hungary Chapter organized the 17th Balatonfured Conference exceptionally planned and carried out by the Hungary Chapter of the HMAA, under the new president, Dr. Peter Kanizsai. After the year-long pandemic gap, we restarted our scholarship programs for medical students and young physicians. Greetings to the 30th year’s old MET (Magyar Egeszsegugyi Tarsasag). They are great partners to educate Hungarian medical professionals beyond Hungarian borders. We are planning our Worldwide Hungarian Doctors’ meeting together next year. I would like to thank the members of the HMAA Board, especially the executive committee members, who worked tirelessly to organize our annual meeting program and bi-monthly virtual meetings keeping HMAA active throughout the year. Special thanks to Alexander Matolcsy, MD, and Istvan Stadler, the Scientific Committee Chair, for securing CME credit for our meeting from the University of Massachusetts and preparing a robust program. For the first time in our history, we had to shut down the submission portal.

We had a record number of abstracts submitted to our annual meeting (78). We cannot imagine how Dr. Kinga Huzella and the Social Committee are preparing programs to keep us entertained and help collect lasting memories. I must name one more person to specially thank him for all his help! Without his hard work we would not be here, and our organization would not run so smoothly.

The true multi-tasker is our President-Elect, Dr. Geza Acs. Dear Friends, thank you for being here and joining us at our HMAA Annual Meeting!

Thank you for your dedication and I look forward to the incredible journey ahead. Enjoy our conference and meet new friends. Let us learn from each other.fe!

 Sarasota, October 27, 2023


Zsolt Garami, MD

President, HMAA