László Csáthy MD

László Csáthy MD

Debrecen, Hungary

Date of birth: 23.10.1954.

Place of birth: Budapest

Permanent address: H-4024 Debrecen, Wesselényi str. 15.

e-mail: lcsathy@freemail.hu

Phone: 36 30 2290405

Medical Degree: Medical University "Semmelweis" Budapest, Hungary, 1980. Medical licence number: 37094

Postgraduate education: 
- Paediatrics 1984, 
- Neonatology 1987, 
- GCP course: 2003,
- Health Care Manager, University of Debrecen, 2005,

- Kenézy County Hospital, Debrecen, Dept. of Pediatrics, 1980.10.01-2005.02.28.
- County Hospital Kecskemét, Head of Dept. of Paediatrics, 2005.03.01-2008.07.
- Jahn Ferenc Hospital, Budapest, Head of Dept. of Neonatology, 2008.08- till now.

- 1988, Humboldt University /Charite/ Berlin, in the Neonatal Intensive Center of the Clinic of Pediatrics. Four weeks 
- 1994, the "Rekai" Fellowship in Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children Dept. of Neonatology. Eight weeks 
- 1995, Traveling Fellowship of the British Paediatric Association. Four weeks.
- 1995, The Salzburg-Philadelphia Seminars Paediatric intensive care, One week.

- 1991, "Petényi Géza" Prize of the Hungarian Pediatric Society 
- 1993, the Young Researcher’s Prize of the Hungarian Pediatric Society 
- 1994, the "Waltner" prize of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Szeged. 
- 1996, McCance award of The Neonatal Society /United Kingdom/ 
- 2001, "The Merck Hungarian Thyroid Research Prize"

- The Hungarian Society of Pe¬diatricians 
- The Hungarian Society of Neonatologists 
- Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health /former BPA/ 10509 
- Board member of the Hungarian Medical Association of America

Scientific activity: 
- 1992, Ph.D. degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 
The title of the thesis: "Disturbances of the renal function of hypoxic prematures, the diagnostical and therapeutical possibilities”. 
- 2005, Honorary Reader, Medical University of Debrecen

Command of languages: 
- Good knowledge of German /written, spoken/. 
- Good knowledge of English /written, spoken/ 
- Basic knowledge of the Russian language, too

Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher; Adobe Photoshop

Driving license: Categories A1, A, B

Social activity: Member of the Rotary Club RI 51562

Marital status: Married, two daughters

Hobbies: Sailing, gliding, photography