HMAA Officers and Board of Directors


Immediate Past-President

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the HMAA also know as ‘The Board’ is a democratically elected group by the entire membership. Every other year during the Membership meeting chaired by the Secretary, a slate of nominations is put forth and voted upon. Board members may serve 2 consecutive 4-year terms. Alternates may be re-elected indefinitely each two year cycle. Foreign residents may be elected to the Alternates to the Board as Liaisons. Officers serve indefinite terms until resignation or upon request by the President to step down. Officers are generally chosen from members of the Board as nominated by the Nominating Committee chaired by the Immediate Past President. Members may hold simultaneous positions as Officers, Board members and Committee Chairs. The size of the Board and rules of its conduct are defined in the Bylaws.


Alternate Board of Directors


György Kovács MD

Advisory Council

Alexander Matolcsy MD

Thomas Ivan Krisztinicz MD

Péter Forbáth MD

Karoly P Kismartoni MD

Committee Chairspersons and Appointees

Scientific Program Chair
Scientific Program Co-Chair
Ivan M Krisztinicz Student Exchange
Ivan M Krisztinicz Student Exchange
Fellowship Program

Alexander Matolcsy MD

Public Relations

Agnes Stadler

Scientific Meeting Organization
Scientific Meeting Organization

Social Committee Position