Dr. Peter Forbath served as President of the HMAA from 2001 till 2003 Dr. Forbath was born in Debrecen, Hungary in 1925 and started medical school in Debrecen in 1943. He attended the University of Marosvásárhely for his 3rd and 4th years of medical school and subsequently obtained his medical degree from the Medical University in Budapest. He started his internship in Budapest in Pediatrics in 1949 and he became interested in cardiology and heart catheterization. In 1949 he was member of the team that performed such a procedure for the first time behind the Iron Curtain. He emigrated to Canada, via France, after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and started to work in St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. During the years he became one of the most respected physicians, culinary artists and art collectors. He is credited with finding the thought to be lost painting “Golgotha” of Mihály Munkácsy and helped its exhibition as part of the Munkácsy Trilogy at the Déry Museum of Debrecen, for which achievement he received the “Pro Cultura Hungarica” Award from the Government of Hungary in 1995. He received his “Vas Diploma” in 2014. In 2017, in recognition for his devoted work in the community of Canadian Hungarians, and his selfless work as a physician, pediatrician, cardiologist and President of the HMAA, the President of Hungary awarded Dr. Forbath the “Magyar Érdemrend Középkeresztje”